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Thank you for visiting the CrystalMC store.
I'd like to express our gratitude for your purchases at CrystalMC. You can allocate to ranks, in-game items, bosses, and many other items on our marketplace to improve your gameplay experiences! Before making a purchase on our server, you will have to agree to a few terms and conditions.

Important Information
Your items will be processed through Buycraft/Tebex as you purchase them from our store. (Please do not contact Minecraft/Mojang regarding our server store.)
You should receive your things within a few minutes of making your transaction. Please submit a payment support ticket if you have not received your things. This can be found here: discord
If you are considered a minor, we advise an adult/parent to make the purchase.

Refund & Privacy
You must agree to our refund policy before making a purchase. This corresponds to:
You are not permitted to issue a chargeback for your purchases. Whether or not you have received them, you will be immediately blacklisted from our server. If you have not received your things, please contact a member of staff before filing a chargeback.
We do not allow returns under any circumstances since the things you purchase give you an in-game advantage. You will not be refunded if your account is banned for valid reasons!